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Houses, Apartments and Land for Sale and Rent. Phuket Properties were established 2005. We have over 200 property listings on this site. Below is a few of our Featured Properties for Sale. To the right of this text you have links to all property types available for Sale and Rent. To request our free Phuket Property Buyer's Guide PDF - please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will find all our Special Offers and a lot of useful information about Thailand property on our new Phuket Property News & Guides Blog section. Welcome to our site!

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Why Phuket Properties?

Why choose Phuket Properties Ltd to represent you as your agents?
Because we know there are some obstacles to get over before you can live the island life to the fullest and we believe that it is all worth it. We think that Thailand is one of the best countries on the planet to live. We have all the best properties available and the best property deals on the market. Some properties are listed on this website, but not all. Are you looking for a villa or an apartment? Please let us know what you would like to own and please ask us for more information! Don't worry, we will help you with the legalities you should be aware of before buying a home in Thailand. Why don’t you give us a try?

John Dufvenmark, Co-founder & Partner, 12 years in Thailand. Has taken hundreds of clients to see the best homes for sale on the island. Speaks English, Thai and French. Contact Us

Carl Dufvenmark, Co-founder & Partner. 10 years in Thailand. Specialised on Surin, Bangtao, Kamala and Naithon. Expert on Luxury Villas. Speaks English, Thai and Spanish.Contact Us

Ilya Makarov, Marketing & Russian liason. 7 years in Thailand and integrated in the local thai community. Fluent English, Thai and Russian and working on his Spanish.Contact Us

Nathanial Bibby, Sales, 7 years working in Thailand. Previously Sales Manager for Richmond Group. Licensed Realtor in Hong Kong and Australia.Contact Us
  • Phuket Property Agent John
  • Phuket Property Agent Carl
  • Phuket Property Agent Nathanial
  • Phuket Property Agent Nathanial

Yes Over 300 properties for Sale!
Yes Opened 2005 - 9 years of experience!
Yes Free Property related Legal Advice!
Yes 100% English Speaking Advisors!
Yes Free Property tours, even if you don't buy.
Yes Free Airport pickups!
Yes Save time AND make a better investment!
Yes The Fast Track to your House in Thailand...


Buying a Phuket Home Why Thailand? We believe that Thailand is one of the best countries on the planet to live. Our clients love Thailand - the food, the beaches and the friendly thai people.

Why Phuket? Well, honestly the island is far ahead of the rest of the resort islands. It has an international airport, 5 star hospitals, functioning internet, super markets with your favourite break fast cereals, empty paradise beaches, and busy bars and restaurants.

Everything within an hours drive. If you want more there is a fantastic archipelago bustling with tropical islands suitable for daytrips.

Phuket Real Estate for Sale A few years ago the quality of houses in Thailand was not great. Now - this has changed! you will be surprised by the design, architecture and professionalism available for sale. Look for quality and sustainability. Houses that keep cool, homes that require low maintenance and pools that keep clean and running without problems.

Phuket Properties Ltd

There are many real estate agents on the island. We have been active since 2005 - longer than most of the other Phuket realestate agents.

There is property in all price ranges. The properties we represent range from 2.5 million Thai Baht (THB) to luxury property for up to 25 million US Dollars.
We have a wide selection of properties. On this site we have over 300 properties for sale.
Let us help you find the perfect home on the paradise island of Phuket.
When you have found your home we will help you with all the practical details to get you started in Thailand. We can help explain how to buy and own a car in Thailand, how to set up your own local bank accounts and let you know how you can get a visa to stay longer on the island.

We hope to see you on the island in wonderful Thailand soon!

Contact Us

Don't Buy Phuket Property Before Reading our crucial Guide...

7 Things you must know

to Sucessfully buy your own home in Phuket Free Phuket Property Buyer's Guide PDF
  • Ownership: Don’t lose your dream home. How can I safely control or own property in Thailand?

  • Land titles: Don’t buy property on illegal land. What are the different Thai land titles that I should be aware off?

  • Construction Quality: What are the warranties in Thailand? How do I make sure my home does not crack or fall apart after a couple of years use?

  • Location: Where shall I buy? How do I find the best investment? How do you find the best location for future value increase? How do you avoid buying next to the local pig farm only to find out that your property stinks every time the west wind blows?

  • Maintenance: How do I make sure my house looks great in 1,5,10 or 20 years? What materials are best suited for the climate? How do I find someone to look after my house?

  • Renting my property: Shall I rent out or keep my Phuket home to myself? Where do I find clients to rent? Inspections, cleaning and keys - how can I manage the property when I am not in Phuket?

  • Money and my lifeon the island: Can I open a bank account? Can I have a Visa so I can stay in my new house? What is there to do? Where can I find fresh bread for my breakfast? Where will I find friends?

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Are you on the island? Are you planning a visit? Would you like to see some properties in person?
Please call, viber or whatsapp to 0819684807 from Thailand.
Please dial +66819684807 from overseas.

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